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When you say ‘ad hoc’, you have to mean ‘instantly and flexibly’ where advertising and marketing agencies are concerned. One of our clients is one such agency – let’s call them F. from D.

F. from D. looks after a whole host of companies across a wide range of sectors, including lifestyle, medical technology, automotive, retail and nutrition. Its tasks range from press releases to international campaigns.

As such, one of the key criteria was to put together a complete package encompassing German-language proofreading, translation services and foreign-language proofreading. It goes without saying that we must also be in a position to acquaint ourselves with all of these areas quickly and flexibly.

1 The Initial Situation

‘It can’t go on like this’ (project manager at F. from D.)

  • Proofreaders who do not have time when the need arises
  • Texts that are not delivered at the agreed time
  • Terminology and style that are anything but consistent
  • Proofreading and translation services that do not live up to their clients’ expectations or standards
  • Project managers who spend hours coordinating tasks with proofreaders and translators

A new partner had to be found who could manage things better.

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2 Aims

For the agency, ‘better’ meant one thing above all else: a long-lasting partnership; it was looking for a real ‘language companion’. It wanted to be able to trust this partner implicitly with all matters relating to language.

The time and effort spent coordinating projects had to be minimised with an all-in-one solution and the quality of highly diverse texts had to be maximised:

  • Taking into account different styles and glossaries
  • Working on a wide range of texts and producing results that do justice to the subject matter
  • Individually adapting to a number of different clients

3 Approach

It all started with the proofreading of a German-language flyer at very short notice. A brochure for another client followed. Once it had been proofread, it was translated into English and French.

We then took on responsibility for a number of campaigns: advertisements, posters, sales folders, etc., sometimes with translations into English.
The focus here was on the consistency of the wording and terminology for the individual campaigns.

This represented the first step we took together.

4 Outcome

We now stick together through thick and thin. ADVERTEXT provides all language services for this agency. When the project managers reach for the phone, they know who will pick up in our office. We know each other and we know how we best work together.

ADVERTEXT is responsible for translating texts into several languages and correcting every conceivable print and digital format, including

  • brochures,
  • advertisements,
  • mailings,
  • sales folders,
  • magazines,
  • press releases,
  • websites,
  • social media posts.

At the same time, our well-established processes and workflows not only cover orthography and grammar. We also look at the content, compare and standardise texts and carry out consistency checks.

In terms of formats, we are equally flexible, working with PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, InDesign and audio formats, which we also transcribe.

Long-term consistency is especially important

Every single one of the agency’s end clients has its own distinct linguistic characteristics. We make sure that each brand presence remains consistent throughout. To this end, we maintain specific style profiles for every job and enter translations into translation memories.

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