Know what matters

Our services are characterised by experience and an openness to new concepts. Whether it involves linguistic trends, orthography reforms or social developments, we have been at the cutting edge for 20 years and we know what counts for companies. By working with notable clients and managing projects that couldn’t be more different, we have been able to discern what really matters when it comes to proofreading and translating.

Icon: Consistency


Compelling texts and professional publications not only require terms, spellings, word spacing and bullet points to be correct, but also consistent.

Icon: Genderneutrale Texte

Gender-neutral texts

Initially derided, now indispensable: gender neutrality in texts. After all, equality starts with the language used.

Icon: Corporate Dictionaries

Corporate glossaries

Can translations speak one language? We use corporate glossaries to make sure your publications are crystal clear – in whichever language they are written.