Are you fluent in diversity?

The German Grundgesetz (‘Basic Law’) is clear: Article 3, Paragraph 3 states that no person shall be favoured or disfavoured on account of their gender. The rights of the individual enshrined in law in 1949 now also extend to the way in which language is used. It should and must be used sensitively to prevent discrimination. Whether in public office or a private company, the use of the generic masculine is not appropriate for representing diversity. It makes too many people invisible.

The challenge of gender neutrality

Dealing with the challenge of ‘gender-neutral language’ calls for a great deal of creativity and inventiveness, but above all else, it requires experience. In this regard, you are in the best hands at ADVERTEXT: the various ways in which your text can be formulated are as diverse as the people in your target group. Together we will define the individual diversity strategy for your texts, thereby ensuring that your publications are gender-neutral and your image in the public eye remains positive at all times.

Commit to diversity!

Join us in standing up for gender-neutral texts and diversity. Join us in taking a stand against unwieldy constructions and the practice of lumping everybody together. ADVERTEXT can help you on your journey towards using gender-neutral language.