Quality worth every penny, cent, öre …

We know the value of quality over quantity. And we think it is bad practice to price every text solely based on the number of characters or lines it contains. After all, the nature and the demands of your text will determine whether we spend more or less time working on it. That is why we charge for our proofreading and translation services by the hour – a fully transparent model that is always good value.

German-language proofreading

Spelling, grammar, punctuation, typography, etc. checked, corrected and standardised by our experienced proofreading team.

Hourly rate: 40 euros
Minimum charge: 30 euros


Whether translating from German or into German, a native speaker’s instinctive feel for the target language is the key to ensuring that a text reads like an original – proofreading included, of course.

Hourly rate: 78 euros
Minimum charge: 50 euros

Foreign-language proofreading

We only ever commission native speakers to check and correct texts in the top 30 languages of the world. You can have every confidence in their specialist expertise and experience.

Hourly rate: 58 euros
Minimum charge: 40 euros

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