Consistently consistent?!

Corporate and brand images thrive on attention to detail and a consistent look. What starts with the company logo shouldn’t end with the wording. After all, incomprehensibleness is not only a terribly long word, but also the beginning of the end of a strong, distinctive image.
We can advise you on the most essential writing standards and can even produce complete corporate language guidelines for you. Together we will make sure that your German- or English-language texts are formally consistent.

Too many cooks spoil the style

Since not even the Duden dictionary always provides a conclusive answer, we are all the more determined to do so. Should it be EUR 4,500.00, €4,500 or 4500 euros? Is the project team made up of eleven employees or 11? And is the focus on team work or teamwork? When many different people are doing the writing, consistency can be a real challenge.
Our specialist team is eagle-eyed – or eagle eyed if need be – and can finally put an end to disorderly wording, making your texts consistent and your brand image well-rounded.

Unique features are the icing on the cake

Duden doesn’t always have to have the last word. There are instances, for example, where the COMPANY NAME has to be written in capital letters, hyphenated words are a no-no, or your A1 PROducts are written in a special way.
Such specific solutions are meat and drink to us. That is why we also take into account your corporate wording and the rules governing your writing style at all times when proofreading your texts, enabling us to produce consistent results on which you can depend.

Everyone has their own style …

… and if not, then they get themselves one: individual text rules and style guides are important tools and perfectly complement your corporate identity manual. This helps us to keep a permanent record of your corporate language and key terms for you and for employees, editors, external service providers, etc. – making sure everything is consistent, clear and distinctive.

Need your own dictionary?

With the aid of corporate dictionaries and glossaries, we can also help you to achieve consistency when communicating in other languages.