… but, more importantly, we also find the wrong ones.

Every member of our proofreading team is not only particularly good at finding mistakes, but also very particular. We are highly qualified experts who love languages and embrace them, looking for the mistakes and always finding the right words. And it’s just as well we do. After all, you can only gain the trust of notable clients through quality, quality, and – yes, that’s right – quality. This also includes knowing what is important to you.

We correct your texts precisely in line with your requirements, regardless of whether you work in the communication or marketing department of a DAX company, manage projects at an agency or are a corporate publishing professional. This may simply involve referring to the Duden dictionary and abiding by the official orthography rules, however mundane it may sound. Yet it can and must also involve corporate glossaries and individual company specifications. That’s because brands often speak a distinct language that makes them unique.

Instant service

If ‘instantly’ is your time frame, then you will love our ad hoc standard. We stay cool even when we have larger jobs to manage and are pressed for time. This is something we have proven often enough – and never disappointed.

Canny without being critical

Commas can save lives. In the sentence ‘Come on, let’s eat grandpa!’ for example, a second one is indispensable: ‘Come on, let’s eat, grandpa!’ Yet when we talk about professional proofreading, it encompasses much more than just orthography and punctuation. It is about a linguistic identity – and ensuring that texts speak with one voice.


Standard wordings and the consistent presentation of texts are essential quality factors. Is it Corona virus or coronavirus? Do we rely on good health care to fight it – or a good health-care system? Or perhaps good healthcare and a good healthcare system? Who are we – Advertext, AdverText or ADVERTEXT? And how many – 1 or two? 1000 or 1,000? Should it be % or per cent? Euro, € or EUR? Abbr. or abbreviation? How is the date written?


We check very carefully. Do all of the bullet points look the same? How big are the captions, headlines, footnotes? Are the word breaks correct? Whether it involves incorrect apostrophes, quotation marks, hyphens, minus signs or spaces, precision comes naturally to us.

Style profiles for corporate wording

We consolidate our clients’ individual writing styles in distinct profiles. They are continuously updated and serve as a solid basis for consistent texts in the future.

Comparing texts and checking for consistency

Do the figures, names and facts all tally? We make sure that they do, while also keeping an eye (or, more precisely, four) on your texts to guarantee consistency.

Gender neutrality

M/F/X? We check whether your language takes into consideration gender equality and make sure that your wordings and descriptions reflect the different genders.

Blick aus Büro auf den Balkon und Wolfgang Wiese vor einem Notebook

The format of your choice

However you prefer your corrections, we will adapt accordingly:

  • As comments in a PDF file
  • As a scan with handwritten corrections (and symbols that comply with DIN standards)
  • As a Word document in ‘Track Changes’ mode
  • In your own content management system