Write with
one voice

The same superhero, but in different costumes? That is just as unacceptable as translating the word ‘Geschäftsführer’ as ‘Managing Director’ on one day and ‘CEO’ or even ‘President’ on another. Ultimately, a brand becomes a brand precisely because it has a character – not least due to the consistent use of terms. This is where glossaries and terminology databases come into play, helping to bring order to your language. After all, chaos can soon reign wherever several people and machines are involved in producing texts.

The glossary defines the rules

Whether creating a website, brochure or press release in German or in one of our more than 30 languages, translations also need to adhere to specific guidelines.

That is why we advise and assist companies when producing corporate glossaries and practical translation guidelines for various languages. They serve as a guide when writing copy and translating texts and also guarantee a distinctive linguistic style on a global level, thereby ensuring that your innovative surge protection devices aren’t referred to as ‘Überspannungsschutzgeräte’ in one place and ‘Schutzkomponenten gegen Überspannungen’ in another.

Value your vocabulary

Whether for external service providers or internal purposes, professional reference aids for your corporate language not only make it easier to produce texts, but also improve the results.

ADVERTEXT is on hand to assist you with the analysis, creation and permanent management of your company’s very own vocabulary. We do this using state-of-the-art translation management technology, which also guarantees consistency in the future. As a result, conflicting technical terms and inconsistent corporate wording will soon be a thing of the past.

If you have any questions about glossaries or corporate guidelines, we will be happy to assist you.

Spotlight on consistency

Is one centimetre 1 cm? And do you, for example, abbreviate ‘e.g.’? Whether it involves abbreviations, titles or Duden alternatives, a consistent writing style is the key to professional communication.