Glowing reports

When auditors find flaws or the management board derides mistakes, it doesn’t matter how much work has gone into producing the annual report. After all, nothing less than 100 per cent is the benchmark in the world of finance and business communication – 100 per cent expertise, 100 per cent reliability, 100 per cent adherence to deadlines.

And since we always deliver 100 per cent, listed companies and heavyweights on the DAX 30 index trust us to proofread and translate their texts:

  • Integrated reports
  • Annual reports
  • Quarterly reports and statements
  • Sustainability reports
By professionals for professionals

Investor relations, the management board, analysts, auditors, investors and rating agencies – they all expect precision. At ADVERTEXT, that is precisely what they get. Our German-speaking and foreign-language professionals have so much experience that they even manage to stay cool when things hot up. Whether dealing with IFRS or the German Commercial Code, they know the principles of financial communication inside out and also possess the relevant knowledge of the industry in question, such as pharma, real estate or mechanical engineering.

You too should keep your stakeholders happy

How did we help a DAX company to respond to internal criticism of an annual report – and thus avert external criticism?

Count on 100 per cent consistency
Count on 100 per cent technological experience
  • Professional translation management with database-assisted CAT technology
  • Databases for recurring terminology
  • Links to commonly used publishing solutions such as ns.publish, K4 and firesys

At ADVERTEXT, proofreading and translation projects are always coordinated by named contacts – they deal with all processes and manage the team that has been individually assembled for you.