The world of ADVERTEXT is a world of words: precise, correct, suited to the target group and characteristic of the author. When we take on a text, our aim is not only to make it better with German-language proofreading, translation and foreign-language proofreading, but to make it really good. After all, every character counts – both stylistically and orthographically.


Notable companies rely on the language companions to put the finishing touches to their texts.

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German-language proofreading

We correct and proofread with specialist business knowledge, a creative flair for advertising and a commanding grasp of all forms of media.

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Since language never stands still, our translators can be found wherever it happens to be progressing – on the ground, amidst the target group, worldwide. This not only guarantees quality, but also builds global bridges.

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Foreign-language proofreading

Short communication channels, worldwide: we check texts in more than 30 different languages with the intuition of a native speaker and the expertise of a professional – and we do it right away, if necessary.