Multitasking in 20 languages

In how many languages is it possible to speak one language?’ This may sound like some kind of brain-teaser, but it is actually a challenge with which global players must grapple.
Our client also realised how difficult it is to communicate worldwide in a consistent manner. The corporate group in the intralogistics and mechanical engineering sector has subsidiaries and offices in over 20 countries.
Restructuring the company presented an opportunity to centralise its communication activities – and take the quality of its translations to a world-class level.

1 The Initial Situation

Everybody did their own thing. Since national organisations and subsidiaries were responsible for their own communication activities, the communication itself was also rather diverse. ‘Every man for himself’ is quite the opposite of ‘everyone pulling together’.

  • Unstructured communication: the corporate language was not used consistently throughout the world and the quality fluctuated
  • No common thread: activities and terminology were also inconsistent within individual countries
  • The consequence: from a global perspective, the overall company image appeared muddled and the brand was unable to achieve its full potential
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2 Aims

One voice, 20 languages. The head office in Germany had to take responsibility for all communication activities – worldwide and company-wide. In doing so, the workload had to remain manageable for those at head office charged with the task.

  • Coordinating and producing translations in up to 20 languages at the same time
  • Dealing with enquiries and working on content quickly and flexibly
  • Creating a corporate glossary for consistent use in every country, thereby giving all translations a distinctive voice, both now and in the future

3 Approach

Success is a team sport. This is guaranteed by established, individually assembled teams of translation professionals. They effortlessly produce various styles and quantities of text in all 20 languages and guarantee the highest quality. And when something is needed especially quickly, it goes without saying that we also deliver express jobs on time.

We created the basis for this in the following ways:

  1. Systematic examination and analysis
    The existing content in all languages formed the basis of a central wording and terminology database.
  1. State-of-the-art technology
    We use translation memory systems to guarantee consistent quality in all languages. The systems are continuously learning, which means that they are constantly getting better and more precise.
  1. Integration using proven processes
    With experience and tried-and-trusted interfaces, translations are quickly and seamlessly converted into the initial formats, such as InDesign, WordPress and HTML/XML.

4 Outcome

Press release, product brochure, marketing concept, subtitles … the client relies on one named contact and the expertise of several individuals. ADVERTEXT takes care of all translations – quickly, flexibly and easily.
Whether it involves two languages or 20, the client sends the documents, we translate them and then return them on time. That’s it!
The colleagues in the various countries no longer have to worry about communication activities and ADVERTEXT is just one call away for our contacts at the company’s headquarters.

We thereby make sure that the international subsidiaries speak the same language as the head office – just in a different language.

Pictogram "20 languages": speech bubbles with different alphabets
Pictogram "40 translators": a globe surrounded by different flags
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