Consistent in many different ways

For online retailers, text is hard currency, while content guarantees visibility. Our client was looking for a new partner for the next stage of its content marketing project – a partner with maximum flexibility for varying amounts of text, with a knowing smile rather than a shrug of the shoulders when dealing with the content management system, and with an eagle eye for consistent wording. In short, real language companions.

1 The Initial Situation

A growing number of product and information texts had to be structured in line with clearly defined requirements. Yet there had been a lack of consistency or any coherent reader experience up until this point. The problems were as follows:

  • Different proofreaders working independently of one another; a lack of standards in relation to the wording, style and spelling; fluctuating text quality
  • Variations in the quality of the proofreading and different styles used; little flexibility or adherence to deadlines
  • Word documents served as a basis for the work; the layouts were confusing and the text had been edited several times; correspondence was time-consuming
  • It took a lot of time and effort to coordinate the large number of people involved in the project management and proofreading
Ausdrucke mit Notizen und Korrekturzeichen

2 Aims

Above all else, the client wanted to be able to confidently manage larger amounts of text. At the same time, the complexity had to be reduced in the following ways:

  • Improving workflows and coordination processes
  • Working more efficiently in the face of the growing volume of work
  • Prioritising texts as and when necessary and sending them for immediate proofreading
  • Producing texts of a noticeably higher quality, especially with regard to the consistency of the wording and style

3 Approach

One named contact person for all proofreading matters.
No toing and froing between various freelancers.
One project manager, one solution.

Our solution initially involved simplifying the writing standards. On the basis of existing texts, we created an agile style guide that will also serve as a solid basis for future authors and proofreaders. This will enable us to prevent many errors from the outset.
The proofreaders are part of a flexible team, allowing us to react to fluctuating amounts of text.

In our capacity as consultants, we also assisted the company with the introduction of an in-house content management system. It was possible to optimise this in line with proofreading and text-related requirements. This included aspects such as user-friendliness, the user interface, revision history and the comment and search function.

And it goes without saying that we are always on hand to answer any questions the client may have regarding style, orthography and the right choice of words … after all, we are the language companions.

4 Outcome

Efficient processes: We are now the one-stop shop for all proofreading matters.

Standardisation: All texts are consistent (in terms of spelling, terminology and linguistic style); a significant improvement in the quality of the texts.

Flexibility: Our variable team can spontaneously react to fluctuating amounts of text; ad hoc proofreading and prioritisation is possible at all times.

Increased productivity: The amount of texts has quadrupled from 40 to 160 per month.

Pictogram "960 documents": two stacks of paper
Pictogram "6 months": a calendar page
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